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Nova Gorica is a [[Slovenia|Slovenian]] city on the border with [[Italy]]. It is kind of merged with the [[Italy|Italian]] city Gorizia. Nova Gorica has a small university, and quite a few casinos to get rid of all your money. Close to the city is the river Soča, which is a perfect spot for hot summer days. There are many beautiful places to see in the area.
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==Public transport==
Free on the Slovenian side (Nova Gorica).
From the Gorizia station on the Italy side, getting to the Nova Gorica station on the Slovenian side costs 2 euros.
==Getting out==
'''Highway H4, directions Ljubljana or Palmanova'''
Take the free bus to Vrtojba. Step out as near to the H4 as possible. There are nice spots on both sides of the border going both directions.
'''From the city, direction: Ljubljana'''
A bus stop called "Kromberk Hrast" on the "Kromberška cesta" street, is located right after a crossroad with a streetlight. Some drivers prefer to take this way to get to the highway H4.
Bus stop "Grčna", across the street from supermarket "QLandia". Some drivers take this way to the highway. Some people might talk to you and suggest the spot described above. I can't really tell which is better. From this spot it is also possible to go towards Koper and Italy.
'''Direction: Kanal, Tolmin, Bovec'''
The best option is hitchhiking in Solkan.
You can get there using free public transport - going until the last stop (parking place in Solkan where the bus turns). Pass the bridge (road to Brda), after there is a traffic light and a nice hh spot right after it!
'''Direction: Trieste, Monfalcone'''
Take the city bus to Šempeter, get off on the main square, near the church. Walk back the way bus came from, to the crossroad with streetlight, and turn left, walk past "Eurospin" supermarket, there will be a bus stop on the right side.
There is a place called Presta, it is more like a dormitory though, and they will charge you money. If you're looking for cheaper options, try the hospitality exchange websites, or go ask the local skaters at the skatepark, they are friendly people and might help you. It is located behind the "Perla" casino.
There is a local market every saturday morning (near the main bus station), you can get good local homegrown food cheaper than in supermarkets. Sometimes if you go into small bakeries in the evening just minutes before they close, you can ask for any bread that hasn't been sold.
==Free Wifi==
on free public busses,  in the health center (Zdravstveni dom NG), hotspots around the center of the city, ... (add more?)

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