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There is a lot of music about hitchhiking. Let's try to collect it here :)

Songs about hitchhiking

Songs unintentionally about hitchhiking

Sometimes Artists perform songs about hitchhiking, without even noticing it. Just like this list of songs, that are unintentionally about maths, here is a list of songs unintentionally about hitchhiking:

Songs mentioning hitchhiking

  • Heart - All I wanna do is make love to you - Heart unintentionally generated some controversy with the hit "All I Want to Do (Is Make Love to You)," a tale of an intimate encounter with a hitchhiker. The "Thought Police" argued that the song encouraged women to endanger themselves by picking up hitchhikers -- overlooking the fact that the song, like a romance novel, is pure fantasy.
  • The Subways - Move to Newlyn
  • Robert Johnson - Crossroad
  • The Allman Brothers - Melissa
  • Fiddler's Green - Connemara
  • Elvis Presley - Guitar Man
  • Neil Young - Bound for Glory
  • AC/DC - Ride On
  • Bruce Springsteen - For You
  • Tenacious D - Tribute

Songs about travelling, road tripping, ...

In other languages



  • The Amazing Stroopwafels - Oude Maasweg




Music While Hitchhiking

Some people think that it goes almost without saying that you shouldn't have earphones in while standing next to the road, that it is inconvenient and dangerous as you hear less than normal and also very rude when drivers who take the time and effort to stop for you get the feeling your music is more important to you than they are. Other people think that it's a valuable way of raising your mood and passing quality time waiting, benefiting drivers as well as your mood rises. Just take them out when somebody stops.