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The page Multimedia refers to all sorts of media connected with hitchhiking.


  • Digihitch is a complete web portal devoted to hitchhiking, with thousands of members around the world and new, original content every day. The site receives over 40,000 visitors each month. has many different areas of information to: showcase new stuff, help travelers prepare for a trip, or to allow registered members to share stories and articles.
  • is a world map where everyone can mark hitching spots.
  • The Hitchbase, is a database where hitchhikers can seek for good places to hitchhike. Most entries are in English, but some entries are written in German. Updating information is not very easy, but for tips in hitching Finland it's unbeatable.
  • Suite 101 is a sort of on-line magazine which ran a monthly hitchhiking column from October 1996 to February 2003. The columnist, Bernd Wechner, ceased writing for Suite 101 in 2003 and the archive at Suite 101 itself has fallen into an embarrasing state of disrepair since. Bernd Wechner has however archived all the articles written for that column on his own site and Morgan Salman Strub has archived them on digihitch along with a wealth of other material from many contributors.
  • Hitchhikers' guide to Europe is a website by Kirsi Jokisalo with tips about hitchhiking in several European countries.
  • is a great site in English and German language with lots of information about hitchhiking in general, legal issues and dozens of funny anecdotes about hitching.
  • Hitchhiking in the Netherlands (Ad-Hoc-Carpooling), a nice website by Frank Verhart
  • is a community webpage for Finnish hitchhikers. It's a community blog started in early 2004, containing tips and stories about hitchhiking. The site is mostly in Finnish, but foreigners coming to hitchhike in Finland can post questions on the forum.
  • Hitchhike info on Anarchopedia, wiki and available under the GNU Free Documentation License (which is compatible with this wiki).
  • Abgefahren e.V. - Deutsche AutoStop Gesellschaft, German Autostop Society with Meetings, Ideas,...
  •, with some information in English
  • AutostopArgentina is a community page for Argentina and South American hitchhikers. There's lots of data about Argentina, HOWTO's, and a forum with about 1200 registered members.


  • Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Europe by Ken Welsh: outdated but contains great information for Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the "Communist countries." Was the inspiration for the title of Douglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In English.
  • No Such Thing as a Free Ride? A Collection of Hitchers' Tales. Compiled by Simon and Tom Sykes (Great Britain: Cassell Illustrated, 2005). A 192 pg. compilation of hitch-hiking lore and experience, contributed by more than a hundred, from both sides of the experience, mainly British. A great sampling. In English.
  • Derelict Days... Sixty years on the Roadside Path to Enlightenment by Irv Thomas. (Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2004). Personal tales from across a 60-year span of American (and some European) hitch-hiking, in a 226-page text. Mostly written at the time of each adventure, these highlight the consciousness-raising aspect of the experience. Included is a newspaper account of the earliest American hitch-hiker on record (1916). In English.
  • The Hitchhiking Grandmother by Grace Small, as told to Ruth Barton Davis (Forest Grove, OR: Pilgrim Way Press, 1990). Quite remarkable life story of a 46-year old woman who took up hitch-hiking in 1941, indulging her adventurous spirit thusly for some 25 years, both in the US and Europe. The 200-page book is cheaply obtainable on In English.
  • Hitching - tales from the byways and superhighways, by Kirsty Brooks. A collection of stories by hitchhikers, mostly Australians, hitching in Australia, the US, Europe and some random places. Some interesting stories. In English.
  • In Russian there are a lot of books about hitchhiking, Praktika Volnyh Puteshestvyi by Anton Krotov being the most famous and according to many essential reading material for hitchhiking in Russia - if you read Russian that is.
  • List of books at

News Media

Some links to hitchhiking in the news media. See Google News for some current news items.