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Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Language: Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Croatian
Capital: Podgorica
Population: 684,736
Currency: Euro ( € )
Hitchability: ?
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Montenegro, officially the Republic of Montenegro, is a new country located in the southeast of Europe.

According to wikipedia, roads in Montenegro are far below European standards.



Good to know: The official currency in Montenegro is the Euro, the official currency of the Eurozone. Nevertheless Montenegro is not a formal member of the so called Eurozone.

Stay Safe

Montenegro is generally a safe country. Unlike many of its Balkan neighbours, it pretty much managed to avoid the conflicts of the 1990s, so there are few landmines or other unpleasant surprises strewn about.


People are extremely friendly here but the roads are really terrible which means it will take a long long time to cross from south to north. You may want to avoid Kosavo also to avoid complications, so if you're headed east, its best to cross through Serbia and then Macedonia.

Unsurprisingly, there are many mountains (mont-e-negro meaning - black mountains) which can diffuse into 20km taking 5 hours in a truck. But they are spectacular and well worth going through slowly. Try not to get a truck however, its a little more dangerous going through the carved tunnels.

Jason and Kelsey hitched here in May 08 without problem and waiting very little time between rides. It helps to be out of big towns when thumbing as people realise that public transport in the middle of nowhere is almost non-existent.

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