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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a website showing good and bad hitching spots on a map. Everyone can add hitching spots.

What is this?

This is supposed to be a world map for hitchhikers. If you know a place, that is great for hitchhiking, please add it to the map. If you sign up, you can even add your whole trips by creating a group.

How can I add points?

Just click on Add point in the menu. Set the red marker to the place and click on save. Make sure to zoom as close as possible, so the point will be more accurate. It is also helpful if you give your points a rating and maybe a little description (i.e. what kind of place this is or how to get there).

Why is the map always centered to Paris?

If you have registered, you can set a point of the type 'home' to where you live. The map will center there whenever you log in.

What is a liftershalte?

[[Liftershalte] is the name of official hitchhiking spots in the Netherlands. Lifter is Dutch for hitchhiker and halte means stop, like in bus stop.

I can't add different things than hitch points

When you add something different than a Hitch point, like a Hostel oder Camping place, they don't appear on the normal map because they belong to one of your private trips. You can show them by clicking on "my places" in the titlebar. Other people can access these markers by clicking the corresponding trip name in your user profile.

Why should I sign up?

When you are logged in, you can put a lot more kinds of elements to the map and separate them in different groups. So you can track your complete hitchhiking trips. For an example, check this