Liberia (Costa Rica)

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Liberia is a city in Costa Rica.

Hitchhiking out

North, south towards San José, Nicaragua

This is quite easy. The Panamerican Highway leads right through the city and there is a place called Cuatros Bomberos with a stoplight where all the traffic from Nicaragua to San José and from San José to Nicaragua stops. That's the place to hitchhike, just choose your direction.

Note: no one Irningston spoke to had ever heard of "Cuatros bomberos", but was told that the cuartel de bomberos (fire station) is a great place when unable to get a ride.

West towards Playa Coco, Santa Cruz

Get to Cuatro Bomberos and take the road leading out of town westwards. There is enough space to stop for cars. It's pretty easy to get to Playa Coco. Further away Santa Cruz might be harder because the road splits several times.

Public transport

Not really needed but there are buses at fairly cheap rates going to the surrounding suburbs of Liberia.