La Framondié

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La Framondié is a lieu-dit in France where the main hitchgathering of 2021 will happen. It lies in a very unpopulated region of France and hitchhiking the last bit to it might lead to some zigzagging.

La Framondié is here, Openstreetmap is not exactly up to date on the paths and it's more valuable to use the national topographic maps.

The closest village is Requista, while there are three towns approximately equidistant by car : Rodez, Albi and St-Affrique.

Hitchhiking out

North (and easiest) towards Requista

Walking to Requista, the small village close to La Framondié is a one hour walk. The best way to leave is to start walking on the road and thumb the rare passing cars as they almost all go at least to Requista. From Requista, you can easily hitchhike in all directions since people move a lot between vilages. To get to a bigger road like a Nationale or Highway (Autoroute), you can go East of Requista and hitchhike to Villefranche-de-Panat (be careful of the name because Villefranche-de-Rouerge is a bigger town way Northwest).

From Villefranche-de-Panat, you can try to reach Salles-Curan and then Pont-de-Salars to hitchhike the D911 either to the N88 or to the A75. It's also fairly easy to make small jumps through the Départementales directly all the way to exits 45 or 44.1 on the A75. User:Swaden has done both and it always took him 2-3 hours to reach the highway.

The A75 is good for hitchhiking north towards Clermont-Ferrand or south to the sea coast. The N88 (and later A68) could serve someone going to Toulouse.

South towards Lincou

There is a quick thirty minute walk on forest paths from la Framondié down to the Tarn river. There is a road there and one could try to hitchhike from there to the D999 and then to Albi or St-Affrique. It hasn't been tried and if one wanted to go to Albi, they would probably better succeed by first going to Requista and hitchhike from there.

Hitchhiking in

Southwest from Toulouse

Take the A68 to Albi and then leave it at the roundabout near L'Hermet. From there hitchhike to Requista on the D903.

Northeast and southeast from Clermont-Ferrand or Montpellier

Take the A75 to Millau and leave either at exit 45 or 44.1 near Millau. Hitchhike the D44 directly to Requista. You can also take the D911 which is slightly bigger to reach Pont-de-Salars or Salles-Curan and then go down with the D56 to Requista. Walk or hitchhike to La Framondié from there.

Public transport

There are buses going covering Requista-Rodez and Requista-Albi. Those would be the most useful in regards to La Framondié. Check the website for the regional public transport Lio. Bus tickets are ~2€ even for longer distances

Places to avoid

Try to stay near bigger villages, if rejecting rides, you might get someone doing more distance.