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<map lat='54.32453296307182' lng='10.131111145019531' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Schleswig-Holstein.png
Population: 236.902 (31. Dez. 2007)
Licence plate: KI
Major roads: A7, A210, A215
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Kiel is a city in Schleswig-Holstein.

Hitching Out

Direction Hamburg/South - Flensburg/North/Danmark

Take the Bus No.82 to station "IKEA", there is a huge cross. best option is to stand on the green strip where cars turn to one's left.either you can stand straight in front of the traffic light, the driver has enough time to wave you in or just stand 100m behind the traffic light, works too.

After a while the motorway splits.Hamburg A215, direction Flensburg A210. a lot of cars do have the sign "RD" (Rendsburg), so you might focus these cars if you wanna go north...

Direction Berlin

from the main station take bus No.41, 42 or 71 till bus-stop "Stormarnstraße".follow the roundabout till directory "Grünes Herz" and hold out your sign.

another option is to take the next bus-station after "Stormarnstraße", get out just behind the bridge, cars also have here a nice chance to pick up hitchhikers. Try to get a lift straight to Berlin or at least a gas-station on the A24, otherwise you might get lost..

got stuck or lost in Kiel? If you got stuck in Kiel, contact Wukk for help