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<map lat='52.38' lng='13.73' zoom='12' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Brandenburg.png
Population: 100
Licence plate: LOS
Major roads: A 10
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Kesselberg is the name of a project near Berlin. It is located between the villages of Wernsdorf and Neu Zittau.

Hitchhiker's Wedding & Pregathering

On the weekend of June 6/7th, two long-standing hitchhikers invite y'all to join in their wedding party -- a celebration of love, life & the right to unrestricted movement. There will be a non-commercial festive event on Saturday involving beer & live music, to be complemented by an equally non-commercial hanging-around-enjoying-life style event on Sunday. Bring your friends!

Get in & out

There are three highway exits nearby, all on the Berliner Ring.

  • Erkner (involves some six kilometers of walking/hitching)
  • Freienbrink (involves some five kilometers of walking through unmarked forest paths)
  • Niederlehme (involves another ten kilometers or so hitchhiking up through and past Wernsdorf)

Alternatively, you can take S3 from Berlin and walk/hitch from Erkner train station, it's about six kilometers here also. Bus #424 and #428 also go near, see the map. On the weekend, the latter goes every two hours from 9.45 to 19.45 from Erkner station, from 10.13 to 20.13 to Erkner station. On weekdays, slightly more frequent.