Kansas City

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Kansas City is a city in Kansas.

Hitching out

From downtown you can ask bus drivers how to get to joco Johnson county community college. From there you can get a bus to the college in Lawrence (K-10 connector). Keep in mind this is gonna take a while for waiting and stuff. They don't make it very easy but it will cost no more then about 6 bucks all together.

Another option is to hitch from a truck stop with a trucker.

user:Jason:Whisperingofthestars got a ride from Lawrence to KC to hitch south on the 69. Cops pulled over within 10 minutes, told him that hitchhiking is illegal in the United States of America..whaa, after 5 weeks hitchhiking the states, now they tell him? Hit the onramp again after they left, they returned, threatened with arrest. Taken to the state line and dumped on a countryside closed road, 5 miles away from anything. Sweet! Than you, Kansas City! Thus the 71 south is probably more advisable if you're heading south.