Kalotina-Dimitrovgrad border crossing

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Kalotina-Dimitrovgrad border crossing
<map lat='42.99' lng='22.83' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Countries: Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria | Flag of Serbia Serbia
Type: Road
Motorway: E 80

The Kalotina-Dimitrovgrad border crossing connects Bulgaria and Serbia. You can easily walk across.

Into Serbia

Trucks are separated from cars and buses so it's probably a good idea to walk 2 km away from the border to the point where trucks join the normal road again. It's easy for both cars and trucks to stop. guaka and Erga waited about 40 minutes with a sign "Zagreb" to find a ride all the way there.

Into Bulgaria

If it's sunday, try not to get ride to this border crossing by truck, because que is usually very long, so you have choice to wait in truck for next 10 hours or to walk up to 5 kilometers.

After you pass the border crossing, stay at the last tolls, they are not in use anymore, but cars use to slow down so it's an ideal spot to hitchhike. And also on the left side, there is a toll for the trucks, so you can also directly ask truck drivers to pick you up, and there's a big possibility that you'll catch a ride by truck straight to Turkey. The other possible spot is straight further at the petrol station. By the way on this crossing there are lots of dogs who are very curious to passengers, but they are not aggressive.