Issyk-kul lake

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Template:Issyk-kul is an amazing and huge lake in Kyrgyzstan. There is 182 km from east to west and 58 km from north to south. Surrounded by paved road. Distance on both sided are equal between Balykchy and Karakol (app. 220km). Nothern part is more developed than southern.

Hitching Out

West towards Bishkek

South towards Naryn and Kasgar (CH) via Torugart pass., also towards Osh and Jalal-Abad via Suusamyr

East towards Almaty (KZ) and Urumchy (CH)

Hitching In

Coming from Bishkek is a most common way.

Places to Visit

There is many walleys starting from road around Issyk-kul.

Places to Avoid

Avoid Balykchy and Karakol at nighttime.

Accommodation and Sleep

There is a huge number of hostels, guesthouses and hotels mostly of north and less on the south.

Other Useful Info