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<map lat='57.4' lng='4.2' zoom='10' view='3' float='right' /> Inverness is a small city on the east coast of Scotland. It is the largest city in the Highlands.

Hitching out

North towards Ullapool, and the far north

There is a roundabout near the football pitch at the far north corner of the city, within view of the bridge, through which the A9 runs. A short ways up from this there is a large area to pull over. If you are headed for Ullapool, ask to be dropped off at the roundabout where the A835 begins, just 6 miles from Inverness.

South along the A9, toward all major cities

Near the roundabout mentioned above, stand at the pull-over area on the appropriate side of the road. Cars will (in theory) be slowing down for the roundabout, and you will be able to see them as they come off the bridge in the distance. A sign is necessary here, as this is where traffic is scattered in several directions. If you are lucky enough to be hitching when a football game is being played, walk around the corner when it is finished and stand with your sign where the cars are trickling slowly out. Hopefully the visiting team will have won, and the fans driving south will be in a good mood! ""Personal experience:"" TonyPro spent 5 hours over 2 days standing here in freezing rain. Drivers occasionally pull over here to look at maps; eventually he got a ride by asking one of them. Clearly this isn't an ideal place to hitch from, so take advantage of the approachability of the Scottish people. Other options are another pullover area about 1 1/2 miles down the highway (people will be going extremely fast there, but will all be going long distances south), or if you have a sign, outside the furniture store near the Thistle hotel, across from the KFC. And as always when taking advice from HitchWiki, keep your eyes open for better places.

Accommodation and Sleep

If you don't mind the sound of highway traffic, there is an undeveloped area of scrub and trees across the A9 where one can camp. Either across Kessock Bridge or east along the A862, there are more secluded woodlands. When it was sleeting heavily, I slept in an unlocked storage trailer behind the Thistle hotel on Millburn Road, although this is slightly risky.

Other useful info