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<map lat='10.771928557041234' lng='106.68617248535156' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Saigon, currently better known as Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest city in Vietnam.

User Worldhitch mentioned that in Saigon you won't have the feeling of being out of the city for a very long time... But don't panic!

Public Transport

Saigon is covered by an extensive bus network, which reaches well into the suburbs. You can get the map on paper for free at Ben Thanh market.

Hitchhiking out

Towards Hanoi

There are 2 main roads: AH1, super busy road along the coast, crowded and in good shape. Ho Chi Minh highway, going through the highlands, more scenic, some parts have very light traffic or bad roads.

Bus 43 goes to the beginning of this highway. Get off at Nguyễn Thị Định. User Jans spotted bus 15 and bus 22 on the other end of the highway, but has no idea about the further route of these buses.

Towards Cambodia

Take a bus to Ben Xe An Suong. This is a huge bus station, so there are about 15 lines from somewhere in the centre going there. Walk out of the bus station and you'll be standing right on the motorway that leads straight to the border.