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MAIN IDEA: people/companies with websites can easily be rewarded for picking up hitchhikers.

I've been doing serious search engine optimization since 2008. Since April 2011 I've been noticing more and more people who picked me up have a website for their (own) business. One little ping.fm from me can really boost their rankings - and I thought it would be nice to give this back to people who are nice and pick up hitchhikers. In June 2011 I figured this could be turned into something bigger:
  1. More hitchhikers could give links back to these websites
  2. It could be interesting to find out if this can be turned into a bigger project, e.g. to directly encourage companies to pick up hitchhikers (think of this as a countermovement against the "I can't pick you up because my company/insurance doesn't allow me")
  3. Possibly through a proper phone app, trusted companies/hitchhikers?

Explanation to people/companies

Most people don't (yet) see the power of having a couple of links from guaka's ping.fm so there needs to be an explanation. But there are sites ranking #1 for some a nice niche keyword combo with one ping and one other silly link.

How to extend this

  • Add your name below and add links to people/companies!
  • guaka's ping.fm is not going to be used for this if there are 10+ links per month.
  • a hitchwiki subdomain/subdirectory and a link from the front page to that subdomain would be a good start as it's trusted with google and known among hitchhikers
  • a twitter account with all links - a feed that hitchhikers can add to their blog to boost this project :)
  • a proper domain could be useful



  • What is someone picks up a hitchhiker that is not part of this and is like "where is my link?"
  • It could be cheated?