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What we're trying to do:
What we're trying to do:

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What we're trying to do:

  • A user has an idea for an activity to take place at the gathering (examples: Presentation on train-hopping, caps challenge, a language game...)
  • On the website, he finds a "suggest workshop" click.
  • He can suggest, say a "Presentation on train-hopping". But he's no expert in the field, so he doesn't want to organize it.
  • Another user notices that suggestion (for example on a "orphan workshop suggestion" view), and he's an old time train hopper. He has the opportunity to pick up the organization of the workshop.

How to get there.

  • New content type: "workshop"
  • A way for any user to assign any user(s) "organiser" of it.
    • A "user" field (CCK)
  • A notification sent to that user
  • A view to display orphan workshop
  • A view to display workshop that someone is taking care of