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Home The North America Hitch Gathering is a proposed project/gathering set to take place August 21st, 2010 in Boulder, Colorado (CO), with a pre-empative gathering in Denver, CO. A Hitch Gathering is a non-commercial, volunteer based, self-organized project that supports the promotion of Hitchhiking. The idea is simple: Once a year a place is chosen and everyone (hitchhikers or none-hitchhikers) gather together to celebrate, to share, to learn and to discover! It's a time to get together and be happy, to help one another, to talk and meet, and to develop our ideas and then pursue them further. Our Goals To promote the concept of hitchhiking in North American society To stimulate the community of hitchhikers To have a good time doing the above, while travelling and meeting old and new friends.

Where The North American Hitch Gathering is taking place in Boulder, Colorado this year! This August 21st! The exact location is still being determined, though it will most likely be an open area with basic services, possibly a good place in Nature (but still close enough to the city) where we can gather together, camp and live for a few days, a place where we can be free and well. There will also be a preemptive meeting in Denver on the 20th of August. Again, the exact location has yet to be determined, though it will most likely be a city park inside the city. The pre-day gathering is for those that arrive early, those that are interested in meeting hitchhikers and travellers in an accessible location in Denver, and for anyone interested. The afternoon will most likely be spend at a park; then the evening resting with friends (Couchsurfers, Hospitality Club, possible community centre), or other arrangements (to come). The next day there will be a gathering around noon in Denver where everyone can join together, and then all Hitch together to Boulder (20 kilometres away). We're envisioning a great group of people all leaving together, maybe with media involved, and off to Boulder we go!

What Hitch Gatherings have happened twice already in Europe, as well as other gatherings in North American. In every case, hundreds of hitchhikers gathered to promote hitchhiking in Europe, North American and Around the World. The first European gathering met in Paris in 2008, participants camped for three days in front of the Eiffel Tower. Then in Odesa in 2009, where they camped at the beach. We hope that this year the North America Gathering in Boulder will be even better, as well as the European gathering in Portugal. How it started A small group of enthusiastic travellers had decided early 2008 to organize the first European Hitch-hiking Week. It started as an art-project but moved quickly into something bigger, something wider as more people joined in. The aim was now to give one location and time for a rally, and broadcast it to all the hitch-hikers of the world. The place was decided to be the "Champs de Mars" in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France; and the time 8pm on the 08/08/08, hence the name of "Project 888". 150 people showed up from all around Europe and stayed for the 3 days week-end. It was a very intense time of exchange, smiles, and french wine. Odesa 2009 It was so good that we decided to do it again. The community had grown and more people wanted to join. This time though we wanted to meet up somewhere more east, where we could also meet up with hitchhikers from Russia (less visa-issues for everyone). The place became Odesa on the Black Sea in the Ukraine. The challenge was much harder this time. Paris was an easy go for most of us but the Ukraine was a lot further. Many people embarked on a multiple day hitchhiking trip, travelled non-stop or met up at the pre-meetings that were organized along the way. In the end we gathered with a bit over a hundred hitchhikers from all over Europe, mostly experienced hitchhikers. A few didn't even make it though, it was too far for them. We spend three days together talking, partying and sharing our skills. We had workshops and sponteneous meetings. 2010 What will 2010 be like? Do you want to join? Do you have ideas on how to participate? We hope that this time in Boulder, Colorado and in Portugal even more people will join us than last year! Participate Everyone is invited to contribute to the event with stories, pictures and videos. The event lives from it's participants, and of course everybody is invited to help along, may it be organizing a (pre-) meeting, translating text into other languages or just by telling the world about this project! If you have an idea, you're the one who makes it happen! Leave an idea at the forum and find people to join you.

How Hitchhiking is our way of going around! We love to hitchhike for various reasons. Some of us do it for the adventure, others to meet people, and again others see it as the best way of going to places and meet locals. Are you new to hitchhiking or you want more information? There are many guides. Hitchwiki is by far the most complete as it is edited by many hitchhikers around the world. Check for example: General info Top Tips First time Safety Signs Where to hitchhike Picking up hitchhikers


na.hitchgathering.org should probably redirect to http://hitchwiki.org/en/North_America_Hitch_Gathering for now (Robin) Wait for decision from Robin and friends about whether we should spread hitchgathering.org, na.hitchgathering.org, etc. (ideally June 3 or 4 for this) eventually get na.hitchgathering and eu.hitchgathering set up in a sensible manner (Robin, Mark, Kasper, George)