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April 2011 Newsletter (draft)

Here in Magdeburg the summer hitchhiking season started just in time while the Magdeburg (Pre-)Meeting took place. Hopefully the sun shines on your faces as well!

The day before, on thursday, the poll for the location voting was closed and the clear winner is Kara Dere, a huge remote beach at Bulgaria's Black Sea coast. The beach borders with a marvelous forest, where it's cool all day long and in the night it's not windy and sandy and which offers shadow as well. Water supply is covered by a natural spring with drinking water.

In Magdeburg our group consisted of Julien, Elsy, Benjamin, Patryk and Jona - less people than expected, but the advantage was that discussions quickly lead to results. We're almost missing the endless discussions of last year :D .

We talked about the issues and topics that had been put down as an agenda and tried to evaluate the feedback from last year, but also discussed different random topics.

Some of the ideas and points we talked about were

- the what, why and how - make the website easier to use and understand (especially for new visitors) - have a person (or two) to check if things in need to be done are actually being done - some program points to define in advance or gather ideas and realize as open space spontanously at the Gathering - promotion and social media - having an early (maybe partially organisational) pre-meeting end of June or beginning of July, but way before the actual gathering read the minutes. Most of it is unimportant chitchat, so we bolded out the relevant stuff. Scroll directly to it.

http://hitchwiki.org/en/Hitchgathering/2011/Magdeburg_Meeting/Minutes/Day1 and http://hitchwiki.org/en/Hitchgathering/2011/Magdeburg_Meeting/Minutes/Day2

So, that's a LOT of work, and we have good hope that ALL of it can be accomplished over the months before the gathering. And we can start with the traditional slogan suggestion page. Holy Kurrywurst! We don't have a slogan for 2011! Hitchhiker! To your keyboard:

We hope that many people will participate in taking over jobs on the to do list :)

Lets make this a great gathering,

Happy thumbing till August!