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Hitchgathering 2011
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Reach a consensus about the final location and other tasks related to preparation, marketing, feedback and facilitation.

Where & When

1.-3. April in Magdeburg.

Jona should be there from noon, the meeting starts in the evening. Please announce that you're coming so we can wait for you to arrive.

Address: Lüneburger Straße 5, close to University (between Uniplatz and Bahnhof Neustadt). Next to tram stop AOK in the backyard. Ring at Redslob's.

(Have a look on how to hitch into Magdeburg. You can take a direct tram from exit Rothensee until about 23:00. It's quite easy to get dropped at the university or in front of the door if your driver goes directly to Magdeburg)

Bring sleeping bags & pads if possible. A few mattresses are available. If there are no more than 15 people the space should be enough. If there are more, it might get crowded, but in that case we can look for a solution (cs/bewelcome etc).

Number to call: 0049 0157 89 138 770

Preparatory work


Tomi and Valentina suggest:

  1. The "why", "what" and "how" of The Hitchgathering concept in general
  2. Differences to other gatherings, including ours
  3. Learning points from Hitchgathering 2010 feedback
  4. Hitchgathering 2011: location, preparations, facilitation, community involvement (word-of-mouth), marketing & media
  5. Allocation of roles and clarification of responsibilities for organizers and facilitators
  6. Do wee want it big? If so, how do we make it BIG (500-1000 participants) enough to stand out from other gatherings?
  7. facilitating the people who want to participate/collaborate but donno how (TODO lists, skill sharing)
  8. Deciding and start developing the communication and platform channels (Drupal or/and OpenAtrium? Hitchwiki community...)


  • writing newsletter templates for promotion and communication
  • updating the wiki and outreaching
  • Involving new people in the organization, strengthening the community


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