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Hitchgathering 2011
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This evaluation article intends on evaluate the hitchgathering 2010 in Sines with the aim of improving organization and the festival itself next year.

Everybody is welcome to add his/her comments, may it be with logged in username or anonymous (only ip adress will be visible in the recent changes. You can sign your messages with clicking the second button from the right on top of the editing box (called your signature with timestamp).

Also be free to add questions/points and or suggestions, ideas, etc.


You took part in the hitchgathering 2010 in Sines and/or helped with it's organization and/or would like to participate in 2011, therefore you can tell us....

what I appreciated

  • The split between Sines and Barcelona. The big city and the small town / The location in Barcelona / The location in Sines --Sitarane

what I missed

  • After such a trip, I was too tired to want to wreck havoc on the town. I think many felt that way and we ended up chilling a lot and not doing much. --Sitarane

what I wish for next year