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You can Edit this page. Get active! Help out! This caravan is self organized !

To get intouch with us :

HikingCaravanCamino signal group ( it's the best place to get fresh infos and talk with us ) https://signal.group/#CjQKIMl-5xrJmhMKape4_iAybm9Qp6VYfjWc814IS_X-jgasEhA1sF7pyGDYn7mMVpGDUy6j

and/or the mailing-list


Because most of the people motivated are hitchiking from far away we are gonna give, for now, a 10 days window for the starting day, around mid-april we should be able to give a more accurate starting day : The starting day is gonna be between 25th of april 2024 and 5th of may 2024


The starting location has been decided : Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) ( https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/168589 ) in the french pyrenees, this little town is one of the main starting point of the camino de santiago pilgrimage/hike


The default choice is to walk on the Camino Frances in Spain which is the biggest path of the Camino de santiago (picture bellow), most or all people will wild camp.

But if the people walking wanna walk somewhere else, on the camino del norte, or somewhere else, it doesn't matter, the group will decide where we go and we'll keep the people who may want to jump in updated on signal.

Right now we are 5/6 people motivated, a dog, and a bike trailer used as a hiking stroller to carry part of our food/water/dog food/maybe a tent or two ( not everyone may come, or some may join on the way, I guess at least one person will have a smartphone to keep people updated on the HikingCaravanCamino signal group ).

if you are interested, join the signal group or find a way to reach us

Camino Frances.jpg