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#REDIRECT [[Help:Contents]]
If you just did the basic tutorial or already are an expert who wants to get deeper into the material, there are several more help articles to be found on hitchwiki. Have a look at the following articles:
* [[Help:How to create new articles|How to create new articles]]
** [[Help:How to add maps to articles|How to add maps to articles]]
** [[Help:How to create a navigation box|How to create a navigation box]]
** [[Help:How to add the country infobox|How to add the country infobox to your article]]
** [[Template:Infobox ServiceStation|How to add a service station infobox to your article]]
** [[Hitchwiki:Road categories|How to link to motorways and to major highways]]
* [[Help:Copying from Wikipedia|Copying from Wikipedia]]
and – should it ever be necessary –
* [[Help:How to delete pages|How to delete pages]]

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