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'''Glasgow''' is a city in [[Scotland]].
==Hitching out==
==Hitching out==

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Glasgow is a city in Scotland.

Hitching out

<map lat='55.860670278069755' lng='-4.2681884765625' zoom='9' view='0' float='right'/> You can go just on any road towards the main motorway with a Sign, saying for example M74 and get a lift easily. Glasgowegians seem to be very friendly people.

Direction Stirling

Get a train to Stepps. Walk out of the station over the bridge and turn right (north west) along the A80, continue to the roundabout with the big grassy "pyramids" where the M80 joins the A80. Carefully cross the roundabout and stand on the A80 Stirling exit, a little way forward from the layby by the golf cub where cars (but not trucks) can pull in. It's not perfect, cars don't have much time to see you and stop, but it usually works for me.

If you are going further than Stirling, don't write Stirling on your sign. Hitching north from Stirling to Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen etc. is very difficult.