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Giżycko is a town in northeast Poland, in Masurian Lake District.


Hitchhiking out

Southwest towards Olsztyn, Gdansk by 59

Spot coordinates: 54.037121, 21.747552

Making a visible sign is recommended. There is Biedronka supermarket in the centre to get a piece of cardboard.

From the town centre - Plac Grunwaldzki (Grunwaldzki square) - go down Olsztyńska street westward. In case the swing bridge is open to let yachts pass, turn left and find a footpath on the railway bridge in order to cross Łuczański (Giżycki) Canal. Continue walking along the street - behind the canal it's named Moniuszki. After few minutes the street turns right and then splits. Go left and get to the national road 59. Spot a petrol station at your left side. It is either abandoned or under construction (11.2020), thus the slip lane is a perfect place to hitch - there is a lot of space to stop safely.

You can easily get a direct ride to Olsztyn. Keep in mind some segments of the road are of expressway standard, so you are not allowed to hitchhike there (except petrol stations of course, but there are not many). If your destination is Olsztyn (or further) it's better to be patient and wait for a direct ride.

Southeast towards Warszawa, Bialystok, Lithuania by 63

Spot coordinates: 54.026200, 21.800947

From the railway station walk eastward down Jeziorna street all the way to national road 62. This is the spot. Cars should not be going too fast as there is railroad crossing few meters before. However, if you feel insecure you may walk along the national road towards the centre and locate another spot - where the Białostocka street joins the national road, there is a bit of space to stop at the side.

Accommodation and Sleep

There is a forest between Giżycko and Wilkasy. Noone should bother you there, just be safe and stay away from the railroad.

You can find accommodation as cheap as 40PLN (slightly less than 10EUR) in the town.

Other useful info