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Gdańsk is a city centered in Northern Poland, along the Northeast coastline. There are boats that go between Gdansk and small cities in Sweden.

Hitching out

Direction E75

To get out of Gdańsk (as well as the nearby Gdynia and Sopot) in the direction of E75 it's best to use the local train (called SKM), or regular train (http://rozklad.pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en?) to get to Pszczółki or some other village between Gdansk and Tczew. With SKM it will cost you about 5 pln (EUR 1,40) for a normal ticket, and with a regular train 7,5 pln (EUR 2). The journey from Gdansk train station takes about half an hour. When you get of the train just walk out of the village in the direction of the road, it's visible from the station.

Direction Warsaw

Take a bus going to SOBIESZEWO(or RAFINERIA), there are 2-3 of them passing city center(e.g. 186). Get out at RAFINERIA, it's 15 minutes from city center. Only one lane, big bus stop. I hitched there few times and I've seen hitchers there and even picked up one French guy :) going to Lithuania. Ok, on this bus stop usually local people await their buses, when they see you hitching they may do the same, they will of course stand 15m in front of you, but they probably won't SMILE, so eye-contact with cars and a little bit of smile and you go.....fantastic road no7. ��������������������