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Gainesville is a city in northern Florida in the USA and is home to the University of Florida.

Hitching out

South towards Orlando

Public transportation will take you close to the Archer Road exit, the busiest on the southern end of Gainesville. From there ramp hitchhiking is fairly easy.

Other useful info


There is a nice community house within the boundaries of the CBD, it´s called the Zen Center and Hostel. It started as a open space for all kinds of projects, workshops, classes, meditation and a living cooperative in the back. For financial support they opened up the front house as a hostel, which is on-donation. You can give as much or less as you want; if you happen to not have money at all, you can just explain your situation and you'll be welcome. You can find a community kitchen, free internet access, and a free library. It's a good place to get to know about some good projects going on in the area and all over the States. A tree house, the third house, is in the progress of getting builded up in the garden. If you want, you can also ask for sleeping in the garden in your tent or hammock, or the couch in front of the entrance.