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Fredericton is a city in New Brunswick, Canada.

Hitchhiking out

South/East towards Moncton, Halifax, Saint John

Go to intersection of Prospect St. and Regent St., near water tower. Walk a bit east, until you are between the ramps connecting Vanier Hwy with Fredericton Bypass. There is plenty of traffic and room for cars to pull over. They are going pretty fast and vehicles from one of the two lanes will probably not be able to stop. Still, I got picked up there in a decent time.

That spot is not far from downtown. However, it is on a steep hill, so you might want to get there by bus.

Hitching In

Public Transport

Fredericton's city buses all connect at the terminal outside the Kings Place mall (downtown on King St) and can take you throughout most of the city. Many of the drivers get out to smoke here, too, so it can be fairly easy to walk on for free if you don't have any money.

Places to Visit

  • The waterfront (beautiful view from the north side)
  • The Beaverbrook art gallery
  • There are some nice walking trails including a walking bridge

Places to Avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Check out some of the churches downtown as they are usually quite accepting of people in need. Fredericton is a very safe town so you can sleep right down by the green and be safe.

Other Useful Info

Fredericton is a beautiful city with a very liberal, easy-going culture. Great town to live in or to visit.