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Getting around

there is an amazing service of free bycicles available all around the city (a sort of bike sharing), first 3 hrs are free after it costs very few money. You have to leave a document, if you need ur passport a national ID card or driving license will be ok, some spot may refuse u the bike, sustaining its reserved just to iranians and not to foreigners, some other may u take the bike for free till 8 hrs!;)Fede

Sleeping and accomodation

Esfahan has a very good couchsurfing community and u should not have problem to find a host, like generally in all iran, if u need an emergency spot to camp, all around the river (mostly on southern bank) is full of park where, arriving at night/darkness, u can easily hide urself and spend the night (somewhere there are panels written camping forbidden but as for Hamedan (check out the explanation) there shouldnt be big problems for foreigner, specially for setting off ur tent in the early morning)Fede

Hitchhiking out

North towards Tehran

The best spot is the pay-toll 15-20km North of the city. To reach this spot, take a city bus in front of Kaveh terminal (Northern terminal) to Shahin Shahr (350 Tomans in May 2012, 0,25$). Jump out of the bus when it leaves the freeway and try to catch any ride heading North, at least to the Police checkpoint North of Hesa Airport).

From this checkpoint, it is less than 2 kilometers to the junction between the old road and the freeway, and another 500m to the pay-toll.

Note : from the pay-toll, take a lift at least until Kashan. Don't go with a driver heading only to Natanz, because he will leave you in the middle of nowhere when he will leave the freeway to Natanz (there is no entrance there).

Note #2 : it is possible that the bus driver to shahin shahr won't let you out at the highway, even after you insist. if this happens, continue with the bus until the city, where you will see a sign leading to the highway, it is about 1km away.

South towards Shiraz

Updated Dec 2012, from Azadih square, take a local bus till baharestan, it will lead you outside from the city about 15 km. when it turns left and enter baharestan quarter/village, drop off and start to hitch, u will already passed the ringroad and the majority of taxis will already have gone away, also lots of trucks go till shiraz Take a city bus to Sofeh Bus Terminal, in the south of the city. As of November 2012, they are building a metro that will also stop there, in a year or two. get past the hawkers to the other side of the highway, and walk down past all the taxis and buses on the side of the highway. many people will try to get you to take a taxi or a bus, but eventually you should find somebody going south, at least to the police checkpoint, which is about 10-ish km away? Not an amazing spot, but persist a little and you will be rewarded.