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The DTSG #1 "Startschuss" race was the first competitive autostop competition organized by the German club DTSG. Participants had a maximum of 31 hours (including 9 hours of rest) to reach all checkpoints and the finish.

DTSG #1 "Startschuss"
Name: DTSG #1 "Startschuss"
Date: 10-11 March 2011
Track: from Hopfgarten, Germany to Reibertenrod, Germany
Participants: 12
Distance: individual
Winner-Time: 25h 30min

The route included two rounds of checkpoints, with 5 (1a-e) resp. 4 (2a-d) checkpoints and a final checkpoint (3). The first round (1) had to be finished in order to advance to the checkpoints of the 2nd round. A detailed map with all checkpoints can be found here.


# Team Arrival Total time
1. Leitplankenschrubber (de) 12:30h 25h 30min
2. PASL S (rus/nl) 13:38h 26h 38min
3. Don't ask me where I'm from (es/pl) 13:49h 26h 49min
4. PASL 4 (rus) 15:46h 28h 46min
5. Traktor Vorwärts! (de) 16:26h 29h 26min
6. DTSG 1 [de] 16:27h 29h 27min