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Crossable rest areas in Germany

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The following German Raststättes do allow, according to Tanken & Rasten 1997, Zweites Halbjahr (the last offial booklet of the Tank & Rast organisation) traffic to cross from one side to the other. Note that the information was copied verbatim, and no attempt was made to verify the current situation!


Autobahn A1

  • Buddikate
  • Dammer Berge, the famous bridge Raststätte
  • Grundbergsee
  • Hamburg-Stillhorn
  • Ostetal
  • Remscheid
  • Tecklenburger Land
  • Wildeshausen

Autobahn A2

  • Gütersloh
  • Garbsen

Autobahn A3

  • Ferntal
  • Siegburg, pedestrian bridge
  • Spessart
  • Steigerwald
  • Weiskirchen

Autobahn A5

  • Baden-Baden

Autobahn A7

  • Brunautal
  • Göttingen
  • Hannover Wülfenrode
  • Kassel
  • Rhön
  • Seesen

Autobahn A8

  • Irschenberg, Raststätte is on the Salzburg-bound side
  • Stuttgart

Autobahn A9

  • Fürholzen, Raststätte is on the Northbound side, southbound there is/was a small parking. Crossing requires a walk of about 20 minutes, partly through the fields.
  • Nürnberg Feucht, car and pedestrian tunnels

Autobahn A10

  • Michendorf, bridge on the Hannover-bound side of the Raststätte.

Autobahn A27

  • Langwedel-Daverden