Cornwall, Ontario

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<map lat='45.0080204970178' lng='-74.67613220214844' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />

Cornwall is a city in Ontario, Canada located just West of Montreal near the border with Quebec (Monteregie Administrative Region) although one absolutely need to pass through Montreal area to access the Monteregie.

Cornwall is just off the H-401 along the St-Lawrence river and the border with New York State.

Border Crossing towards New York, United States

In general, to hitchhike a border crossing in canada, it's best to get to the Duty free stores' parking lots asking rides and try to not get kicked out. To facilitate easier crossing, try finding people that look like you, to reduce suspicion when crossing the border. Saying the word rideshare is better than hitchhike, to the border guards. Get your passports out when asking rides