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<map lat="4.679833099455197" lng="-74.14843749999567" zoom="11" view="0" />
Country: [[File:Flag of Colombia.svg|x18px|right|Flag of Colombia]] [[Colombia]]
State: [[Distrito Capital]]
Population: 7,674,366 (2013)
Licence plate: Bogota DC, Bogota STFE
Major roads: 40, 50, 55
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Bogotá is the capital and largest city in Colombia.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Ibague/Cali/Ecuador

Instead of hitching on the side of the road, it is best to go to a gas station in Soacha and talk to truck drivers. To get there, take the TransMileno to the southernmost station, "Portal Del Sur". Follow the signs leading to "Autopista del Sur", and take a van going to "Soacha". Ask to get dropped off past "El Parque", at the end of town. From there, walk to the Terpel gas station.

There you will find plenty of trucks going all the way to Cali, especially early in the morning, as it normally is a 13 hour ride.

Accomodation and sleep

Public transport

The 'Transmilenio is an extensive and confusing rapid transit metrobus service. There are no ticket controls on the buses, fares are paid when entering the stations. You will need to buy a 3,000 COP card which is not returnable. Some zones require the use of different cards. You can vault the turnstyle when the blue-clothed security guard isn't looking. Kids often run accross the street and jump on the bus between the platform and bus to avoid fares.

There are regular buses as well which are sometimes easier and don't require a card. They can't be blackridden though.



Places to avoid

Other useful info

Personal experiences

Hitching towards Ibague, Feb´14: I took a minibus to Soacha and got off when a bus turned from the main road to the town. I stayed at the side of the road, waited about 10 minutes and got a ride from a truck which went to Neiva. -che.apelsin

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