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Auetal Nord is a service station along the German motorway Bundesautobahn 2 number.svg.

Service station Auetal Nord
in Lower Saxony at motorway Bundesautobahn 2 number.svg
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<map lat='52.22300184399015' lng='9.220876693725586' zoom='16' view='1' />
highway crossing towards station Auetal Süd
Facilities: Shell, Burger King, Restaurant, Shop, Sanifair (incl WC, showers)
Hitchability: Good.png (good)

Hitchhiking at this service station is easy. You have either the chance to ask drivers directly at the service station, or walk uphill nearly 500m to the end of the service station. There's a good spot where all little ways from the parking areas meet to bring drivers back to the motorway. You'll also have a great view over the villages. See the image.

Direction Bielefeld, Dortmund

Most drivers stopping here might go towards Bielefeld or further into the Ruhr Area, passing Dortmund. So if you go further along the A2, you might find a ride within no more than 10-15 minutes.

Direction Osnabrück, Netherlands (Amsterdam)

If you want to go towards Osnabrück or further towards Amsterdam along the A30, you have to get out at this service station if drivers are not going your way anyway. Since most traffic is not going towards the A30, you can look forward for some 30-40 minutes waiting time until somebody might go your direction. Try to get rides towards Bad Oeynhausen, there you can find service stations along the city-motorway where you even can find Dutch cars. Next service station will be Grönegau West, just before Melle and Osnabrück.