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<map lat='39.909209536859834' lng='32.81890869140625' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/>

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, surrounded by a big ring road.

Hitching in

Get dropped off at any exit on the ring road and you should be able to hitch to either a metro/bus stop or if you are lucky all the way to downtown.

Hitching out

West towards Istanbul E 80

In Kizilay (city center), there is the main dolmus and city-bus station. Find a bus to Yaskament. The buses going there leave about 500 meters away from that dolmus station, so you might have to ask around a little bit. It's across the street, when you cross the main park in the city center. The bus goes about 30 minutes and brings you to the start of the highway to Istanbul.

Hitchhiking out of Ankara

Northeast towards Samsun E 88

Here you should actually just take a dolmuş going in direction of Kırıkkale; from there you can easily hitch-hike up north to Samsun. You can find such minibuses in Ulus in city centre, next to the Julian column. These minibuses will have a sign saying "Mamak", the name of the easternmost suburb of the city. They will take you as far as to the ring road surrounding the city.

Along the highway between Ankara and Kırıkkale, there is a gas station every few hundred metres (nope, not kidding). Waving with your hand and thumbing around these stations work fairly well, and trucks stop easier. You can also ask people at the gas station.

South towards Konya & Adana E 90

Take a metro or dolmus to the main bus station called A.S.T.I. From there you can already see the highway. If you turn right you can see the signs saying Konya and Kolbasi. Just walk along the highway, which is only about 2 km. From there you can easily hitch out of the ring of Ankara which has the junction in Golbasi, or you just take a Dolmus to Golbasi for 2 Lira. The dolmus stops at a crossover of the highway.