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<map lat="38.34517000000002" lng="-0.48148999999999803" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Spain
State: Valencia (province)
Population: 334.000
Major roads: A-7, AP-7, A-31, A-70, A-77
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Alicante is a city on the southeastern coast of Spain.

Hitching Out

Southwest towards Granada, Almeria E 15

Take the train from Alicante station to Torellado. Head North, you should see a motorway in the distance, it is not the A70, but head towards it anyway. You will have to walk through farms, and climb over fences to reach the motorway, cross to the opposite side and walk along it till you see a metal barrier, near the beginning of he barrier is a hole in the fence, climb through the hole and you should see the A7 in the distance. You will see a road heading in that general direction walk along it, you should be able to see the Galp fuel station sign in the distance, now its up to you to get there. Will add extra detail to this article tomorrow.

damnthattelevision tried this spot in February 2012. Its about an hour in total from the center of Alicante, but there are plenty of delicious oranges to be found during the walk if you are there during the right months. Waited for about an hour and only got a ride to Mercia. Overall, found that it was not a good place to hitchhike, although there may not be anything better in this part of Spain.

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Towards Madrid, Valencia, Murcia

Repsol fueal station, Av De La Universidad

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