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A6 (Poland)

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<map lat="53.3615870226066" lng="14.578425883788405" zoom="11" width="1050" height="550" />

The A6 is a motorway in Poland, it is like the southern bypass of Szczecin. It is part of the E 28.

Hitching the A6

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border crossing Pomellen * connection to the A 11
    service station Kołbaskowo south     service station Kołbaskowo north
(3)   Szczecin-zachód
  service station Siadło Góme (?)
(9)   Radziszewo
(11)   Szczecin-Klucz S 3
(15)   Szczecin-Podjuchy
(22)   Szczecin Kijewo S 3



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