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Wigan is a town in Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

Hitching North and South out of Wigan may prove tricky. From the Wigan North Western train station, follow the A49 on foot past the Tesco Extra for about 3.5 miles, then follow the A5209 a mile (left at Aldi) to the M6 roundabout and ramp. Alternatively a bus number 113 bound for Preston every half hour or any of the frequent buses bound for Standish follow this route as far as the left turn at Aldi. The A5209 will lead to the obvious roundabout and bridge over the M6. It is possible to walk to both ramps along the pavement: South has signs for Birmingham, North for Preston.

Cars tend to speed up quickly upon leaving the roundabout, however there is plenty of space to stand on both ramps as well as for cars to pull over. Received many angry and exasperated hand gestures while attempting to hitch out of central Wigan along the A49. It is also likely that though this road is busy most traffic is local. This being said there is a cycle lane and frequent bus stops for people to pull over should you wish to try. (Would suggest a sign for this: M6 North/South).