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Wakkanai is a city in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Hitching out

South towards Sapporo

Starting in the Centre of Wakkanai you are facing a significant walk to the junction of Highway 238 (Soya National Highway) and Highway 40 (Wakkanai National Highway). If you arrived by ferry boat from Sakhalin Island, Russia then it is about 5.5km from the ferry terminal to the junction. You should walk East along the main road (highway 40) keeping the docks district on your left. You can try your luck walking with a thumb in the air along this road, but it is still very much urban so most traffic will be going for short trips within the city itself and are likely to add time to your trip rather than help. Turn Right at this junction and on the left side of the road you will see a petrol station and service station. This is an ideal location to try and hitch as the main article on hitching in Japan states, Japanese people stock up on snacks for the road, so there will be many people here preparing for a long drive down. At this point you are less than 1km from the edge fo Wakkanai, so anyone picking you up here is almost certainly leaving town and heading South.

Accommodation and Sleep

If your hitching attempt fails, you are left with limited options.

If you have a tent, you can camp in Wakkanai Park (稚内公園). It's in the northern part of town, close to the station. If you walk from the station, you'll have to turn right and keep on the lookout for the way up the hill to your left. The camping ground is public and has toilets, but be sure to bring your own food. On the way there, you'll pass a building with a windmill. Inside you'll find hot water to bathe your feet in, for free.