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<map lat='40.666667' lng='-7.916667' zoom='11' view='0' country='Portugal'/>
Flag of Portugal
State: Região Centro
Population: 98,753
Major roads: IP3/A24/E801, IP5/A25/E80
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Viseu is a city in Portugal.

Hitching northwest towards Porto and Aveiro

If you found yourself in the heart of Viseu or any other part and want to head towards Porto, your first reference point would be the Street of Belgium or Avenida de Belgica. Take a bus to GNR1 station or just walk along this street towards that point passing by Continente mall (which is the only such supermarket in the city and everyone will show you the right way). After GNR1 walk some more 500m and that is, I believe, the best spot so far. It took me only one hour to get a ride almost to Aveiro (and the beach).

Notice, if you walk further or get off at the next stations, new urban areas appear as well as a highway which makes it complicated to enjoy hitchhiking in Portugal.

Hitching west towards Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro, or east towards Guarda and Spain

If you're looking for the quick option, there's a great spot for pretty much all directions: Viseu Service Station on the A25 (Área de Serviço de Viseu na A25). It's a very long walk south from the city centre, but you can find a ride or a bus. There's only one long street to go, Estrada Nelas º1, reference points are Palácio do Gelo Shopping Mall and Decathlon. When you find the roundabout and the on-ramp to the A25, just walk 100 meters along the highway to the service station. (You might also find your way to the service station walking from the N2). Here it should be easy to find people going to the A1, namely towards Porto. The first service station on the A1 will be "Área de Serviço de Antuã / Estarreja". If you're going to Lisbon, you can still come Antuã / Estarreja service station and cross the service station bridge the the south-bond side.