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Växjö is a city in Sweden.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Älmhult, Hässleholm, Malmö

Here's a good spot to catch a ride south from Växjö (https://goo.gl/maps/MSwo7iU3ucU2). If you walk south from the intersection there's a busstop where cars can stop and they wont be going too fast since it's just past a traffic-light.

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Around the city near lakes there's tonnes of shelters if you want to camp out. Here's a link to a municipality website where you can find simple shelters to camp in for a night or two: https://naturkartan.se/sv/vaxjo/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search%5Bquery%5D=&search%5Bplace%5D=&search%5Bguide_id%5D=64&search%5Baccessibility_types%5D%5B%5D=&search%5Bwheelchair_tested%5D=0&search%5Bactivity_types%5D%5B%5D=&search%5Bfacility_types%5D%5B%5D=shelter&search%5Bfacility_types%5D%5B%5D=&commit=Till%C3%A4mpa+filter

Other useful info