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Paxus Calta I've done a fair amount of hitchhiking and there is a entry on it as a strange religion recently in my blog.

There is lots of stuff written about me on the web, including this wikipedia entry which was proposed for deletion and radically edited before it was permitted on to stay in this encyclopedia format. You can still see the unedited version.

I've added an entry on sailboats, which i did across the Pacific Ocean in 1990. There is also a longer article i wrote about it on Random Roads called Ten Captains.

You can reach me at paxus.calt[email protected] - say something clever to get thru the spam filter.

Paxus at Casa Robino in Am*dam

17 Falling Leaves 2K8

Willow on paxus head with phone.jpg

Thoughts on hitching

One of the most important things in my experience is knowing when to go backwards. You have a lousy spot, but there is a good one going the opposite direction. Hitch back a few miles to find a better one going forward.

--Paxus 10:35, 31 October 2008 (UTC)