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DreadDog is an hitchhiker from Väike-Maarja (near Rakvere), Estonia. Currently living in Tallinn. Currently working as an engineer, hitchhiking mainly in vacations to travel longer distances. Speaking Estonian, English, some Russian and Finnish.

You can read about his last hitchhiking trips at this blog.


Tallinn-Riga, Tallinn-Tartu, Tallinn-Rakvere, Tartu-Rakvere, Tallinn-Kaunas, Tallinn-Vecunmieki, Tallinn-Vilnius, Vilnius-Lublin, Kaunas-Warsaw, Warsaw-Frankfurt (Oder), Lublin-Lviv, Warsaw-Krakow, Lviv-IvanoFrankivsk, Kolomyya-Bucharest, Bucharest-Constanta, Constanta-VamaVeche, VamaVeche-Budapest, Budapest-Tallinn, Krakow-Žukai, Žukai-Tallinn, Frankfurt (Oder)-Minden, Minden-Antwerpen, Antwerpen-LochLomond, Glencoe-Glasgow, Glasgow-Tallinn


  • The longest ride ever: x km, Brno to border of Poland/Lithuania, one truck.
  • The fastest ride ever was in Romania. From Suceava to Bucharest. Sometimes 160km/h.