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Hanging out to dry.

dear Sarah is a hitchiker who, once frequenting the roads around Amsterdam, from Paris to Copenhagen, is currently in Western Australia.

She believes in sharing, the unexpected, love and the magic of the open road. She's hitched in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark and Australia - so far.

I can host you in Perth, Australia


Distance travelled: 11360km

Longest lift: 1975km, Norseman to Adelaide, Australia for a long, rolling, beautiful ride with a roadie for Black Sabbath's tour.

Worst hitch: 0km, 5hrs. With the wonderful and only Wrenaqua, dear Sarah took 5hrs to hitch 29km from Amsterdam with four drivers, to be stuck at a tiny and horribly placed motel. The only ride in hours who offered a lift was going back to Amsterdam. Buckets of fun had though.

Shortest wait: No time at all, set down by a roundabout entering the highway near Kolding, Denmark, dear Sarah didn't even have time to put on her jacket as the car behind stopped for her. Also hitching to Adelaide from Norseman, Sarah and Lara looked up from making their sign to see the truck pulled over already.

Funnest ride: A Belarussian guy driving from France to Poland picked up dear Sarah in Melle, Germany at 5pm. He was hoping she'd be able to share the driving on his long trip - she declined due to her Australian habit of driving on the left, highly dangerous in Europe. Another hitchiker at the station from Estonia was happy to do so though, and the driver was then happy to buy a bottle of whisky and some soda for himself and dear Sarah, and snacks for the Estonian. After hours of enthusiastic communication without the benefit of a common language, she arrived at the doorstep of her host in Berlin at 1am, slightly tipsy, and very happy.

Dear Sarah and Kathleen, leaving town with an orange, and pretending they're laughing at it.

Most heartwarming ride: A Polish truck driver who pulled over on a tiny on-ramp by Osnabrück, Germany and took dear Sarah to Padborg, Denmark. Not a word in common, they still shared many (mimed) conversations, coffees, chocolates, and kilometers. He even cleverly called his english-speaking son on the phone to translate between them, to be able to talk. She left the ride with a special feeling of love shared.

Longest single-topic conversation: A 4 hour discussion about mulch, carried on between Perth and Geraldton, Australia. Dear Sarah and her lovely friend Kathleen were educated on all the finer points of mulching, the ecological effects of mulching - or inappropriate mulching - and the intriguing ways that a great many of the world's political and social problems can actually be traced back to ineffective mulching.