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Avery has hitchhiked since she was 18 and is now age 21. What started out as individual trips have slowly escalated to more common occurrences. She has mostly hitchhiked in the northeast of America, through Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina and Georgia.

At the time she started hitchhiking up north, she was based out of Philadelphia. Now, she does not live anywhere.

Avery likes to float around between visiting old friends and engaging in volunteer opportunities that will feed her and introduce her to new folks with diverse histories. She was in Virginia and North Carolina while farming on two homesteads through WWOOF and also volunteers with Vipassana meditation centers. She figures that she is young, she is debt-free, and she has a lot to learn. She enjoys these opportunities that give her really valuable skills, food, and shelter in exchange for her time and labor.

She does not like money, in fact, she hates it.

She is (somewhat) choosing to remain in North America for a few reasons. She doesn't like flying for environmental reasons, doesn't have the money anyways, and figures that the US is a huge country that has many different pockets of culture to explore. As much as her home country sickens her with it's governmental corruptness and obsession with progress, she is determined to use hitchhiking to loosen up the culture of fear and to dismantle personal boundaries.


The farthest distance covered in one day was about 450 mi (724 km) from Maine all the way to Philly. That morning, she met a young French guy traveling to Philadelphia as well and ended up hosting him that night before saying farewell. This is the only time she has ever hitchhiked with somebody.

Traveling as a solo female has taught her a hell of a lot about dealing with men. It has taught her how tough being a female can be as well as how easy it can be. She appreciates being a woman much more now that she has hitchhiked. She is learning the subtle powers of language at diverting attention.


She travels with camping gear and her guitar and enjoys storytelling folk music. She is starting to write more of her own songs as well. She meditates daily, attempting to rein in a mind that still does too much of what it wants for her to trust it. She is starting to approach art and poetry by engaging in the processes of creating. She reads any book that finds a way into her hands for long enough. She is minimalistic. She is forever the neutral party and prefers instead to understand why people choose the black or white in things. She believes anyone can teach her about herself and vice versa when the other person has an open mind.