Trans-Labrador Highway

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The Trans-Labrador Highway is the main highway in Labrador, and the only road traversing the entire mainland of Labrador. It starts in the isolated town of Blanc-Sablon, Quebec, (accessible by a seven dollar ferry from Newfoundland) connecting it to the communities of Happy Valley-Goosebay, Churchill Falls, and Labrador City, and eventually ending up back in mainland Quebec.

The highway was completed in 2010, and has since drawn the attention of adventurers from around the world. While it is dirt road most of the way, many areas are chip-sealed and some have even been paved. It is being improved every year, but be prepared for a bumpy ride.

The TLH traverses a mystical landscape unique among any other road on earth, and communities that until recently have been more or less cut off from the rest of the world. It provides a window of opportunity to experience a land unsure of itself--a vast wilderness experiencing a rash of recent environmental turmoil. The flooding of vast expanses of land for hydroelectric power has altered the local climate drastically, and unpoliced roadside garbage dumping has left scars along the length of the road.