Torfyanovka-Valimaa border crossing

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The Torfyanovka-Vaalimaa border crossing joins Finland with Russia. It is located on the E18 highway between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg. Walking across this border is not permitted.

Hitching out

Into Finland

Simply ask drivers at the parking lot by one of the supermarkets around there on the Russian side.

Into Russia

On the Finnish side, just before the customs zone, ask drivers at the petrol station. You can also ask drivers on the parking, and those queuing to the terminal. A ride just across the border is enough, as from next to the supermarket on the Russian side, you can easily stop a car to Vyborg or Saint Petersburg.

As of 2006, it was a complete waste of time to hitch a truck over the border to Russia – the freight terminal is separate for trucks and the queue there is extremely slow, with drivers waiting many hours or even days to cross.