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Tetouan is a city in northern Morocco.

Hitchhiking out

Northwest towards Tangier

<map lat='35.5674219207899' lng='-5.367851257324219' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> To find traffic surely bound for Tangier, walk southwest of the city centre until after the roundabout where some of the traffic turns towards Ceuta.

North towards Cueta

You can take a bus from the bus stop just outside of the CTM terminal. Bus number 35, costs 7Dh. This will take you to Fnidiq. You can walk from here to Cueta, about 30 minutes.

South towards Chefchaouen

There is another roundabout a bit further west from the Tangier/Ceuta roundabout. Here the road to Tangier meets up with the N2 motorway, which goes south towards Chefchaouen. While you could walk out here, it's just as easy to get a short lift from a Tangier-bound car at the Tangier/Ceuta roundabout and ask the driver to leave you at this next roundabout. It has a sign reading "Chefchaouen".


Don't get stranded in Tetouan at night without a place to stay. According to taxi drivers, the cheapest hotel would be 50Dh. Also, if anybody tells you you can camp on the Marjane's parking lot, don't believe them.