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Terespol is a small town in Poland, famous for being on the border to Belarus. Chances you will find yourself in this place are quite small, it is located at the most busy border crossing between Poland and Belarus, but despite that, the town itself is not very interesting. In case you decide to make a stop here on your way to or from Belarus, the border crossing is quite easy to reach

Hitching out

East/West towards Minsk , Warsaw

On the border crossing you will find some shops and a parking spot. A lot of people are stopping here because queues on the border can be long and it a good place to get some food or drinks to prepare yourself or relax after some hours of waiting. From here you find a lot of traffic in both directions.

To get to this place from the train station in Terespol, walk out of it and turn right into the street "Janowska". When you reach the end, turn left to "Wojska Polskiego". Walk it for quite a while and it will automaticly turn right to "3-go Maja" (trzeciego Maja - 3rd of May). This street leads directly to the border crossing.

Other useful info

When crossing into Belarus don't buy more cigarettes than necessary here, after the border it will be much cheaper.