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Tena is a city in Ecuador, most famous for its rafting scene and access to the rainforest.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Puyo, Baños de Agua Santa

Walk 2 km from the city center to the south on the main road until town ends. Try here or continue hitchwalking 2 km extra on the main road until a roundabout appears and the bypass of town joins. There's no shoulder here, but one can try as the road is very empty and Ecuadorians usually don't have a problem with stopping in the middle of the road.

Alternatively: take the city bus No.1 to "Puerto Napo" out of town in direction south. These buses leave from Avenida 15 de Noviembre and cost $0.30 as of 2017. Get out at the stops mentioned above, or continue until the bus turns left into Puerto Napo. Get out before that and walk to the big bridge (there's a smaller one to the East for local traffic). Just across the big bridge is a muro (speed bump) and a shoulder. Mind of a Hitchhiker caught a ride here in May 2017 to Baños de Agua Santa.

East towards Misahualli

Puerto Misahuallí is a popular destination for people who really want to get out of the city and into the rainforest. Please add info for hitchhiking.

North towards El Coca

Walk out of Tena northward towards a roundabout on the Avenida Jumandy and the E45 bypass around Tena. There will be traffic here going to Narupa, which is the crossing where you can still decide to go to Quito or El Coca. Change rides at this crossing or find a direct ride to El Coca.

Accommodation and Sleep

It might be possible to (stealth!) freecamp out in the Parque Amazónico La Isla, as entry is free and unchecked during daytime. If you go in deep enough there's some fucked up path where almost nobody goes (toward the tower). There's also some monkeys in the park, but they are mostly at the beginning and therefore won't bother you that much most likely. Take care of the environment when doing this; it's a nature reserve for chrissake.