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Some text removed from main article until it is cleared up. For now, e.g. this contradicts itself:

You can shower at just about any service station for a dollar or two. There is no showers in the service stations, as a matter of fact the gas stations won't let you use the toilets.

Also, where to put this? Seems to be specific, personalized Punte del Este hitchhiking / dumpster diving information:

In Punta del Este the cops stopped me six times in two weeks period, but it's a great dumpster diving place, McD dump up to 40 to 60 hamburgers a night. You can camp outside the city center on the beach, but watch for groups of kids and street folks. In the summer it gets pretty packed and the the prices jump up a 100 percent. Hitchhiking is not fast. In the summer time lots of cars with the whole family but very few will stop for you. I walk most of the time, people don't care for hitchhiker much here. Maybe because the crime rate is slowly going up, or it summer or a full moon good luck. I had some luck rides on scooters on short hitch and one long on. They are a lot of fun, if a bit crazy ride.


If you really wanna make friends here, point out that Uruguay advanced further in the World Cup than its two football powerhouse neighbors. And of course, Forlan is better than Messi.

Hugs, --Platschi (talk) 14:32, 6 January 2013 (CET)